Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice that has been in existence for over 5,000 years, and means ‘the weaving and expansion of energy’. It is a spiritual path that embraces everything in our lives, including our sexuality. We can access it not just on the physical level but also on the purely spiritual level via a whole range of means, for instance contemplation or meditation. Yet, it contains elements that are universal too. Every spiritual path – and the same is true for the Tantric path – supports you in keeping your focus on that which is greater than and beyond merely our physical self or our earthly life. It is an overcoming of the feeling of separateness and a shift towards unity with one’s counterpart. Shiva & Shakti are gods in the Hindu and Buddhist tantric tradition. They represent the male and female energy. In many images and sculptures, you see them engaged in deep union. They symbolize the unity of mankind, nature and the universe.


My way of Tantra (Nirvan)

The themes of love, partnership and sexuality address all aspects of life because love is awareness of life. When we limit our vital energy to the challenges of life, we reduce our ability to love. Only in the state of love do we resonate with the essence of life. In order to experience the essence of life, we must do something which has been forgotten in our goal-oriented culture, but which should be the most normal thing in the world: how to touch and stay touchable. In our workshops we provide many different ways of addressing this condition. There will generally be a lecture and demonstration component offered by the teachers, often followed by exercises for you to practice by yourself or with your partner. Sometimes we invite you to join in small group exercises that usually involve 3-5 people and sometimes there will also be exercises where the whole group works together.


Here are some of the main elements of our tantric work:


Tantric exercises are basic rituals, in couples or in small groups. They give you the space to meet the other person on a “heart-to-heart” level, so that you open yourself to your partner, allowing yourself to experience then let go of whatever comes up for you. You don’t need to smile or put on a ‘nice’ face: it is about being totally true. Looking into each other’s eyes, touching, holding in special positions, feeling your inner energy and how it flows with your partner are a few of these small exercises. Even partner yoga or bioenergetic partner sessions will help you to get in contact, to encounter the truth. The other is our mirror. 


Tantric massage is the only form of whole-body massage that gives space and allows all emotions to come up. By touching your partner in a mindful, sensual and giving way, you create the opportunity of receiving a deep heart-to-heart connection. Tantra massage is a ritual in which both partners can encounter each other’s uniqueness. In our workshops we will use this technique in several forms and settings.


Tantra rituals are conscious group-settings with a clearly defined procedure. These settings will help you to feel and understand wisdom in a different way. A ritual allows entry into another time, another dimension, another experiential space.


Meditation will help you to be in the here-and-now, to let go of the past and the future. We use several kinds of meditations: some are silent sitting meditations; some are active meditations like the dynamic meditation. Also, we use meditations from kundalini yoga and the white tantra.


Breath work is a healing technique to get in contact with our deep emotions and our inner flow of energy. During these sessions, our energy level rises. You may become aware of blockages and old memories can resurface.