Sylvia, Corfu Retreat 2023



Through the interplay of encounters and time with myself, I was able to understand more and more where my limits were and to set them better. When i look back over the days, there were so many beautiful moments. I don't even want to compare them. But there was a moment when the men were together and I felt this healthy male power. That touched me so much.


I like most about the content the touch itself in the exercises. The tenderness, especially from the men. The feminine power that was there and how the two were interwoven. What I found so valuable were the eye masks and then touching yourself when you can no longer notice anything outside.


In this retreat with Lluvia & Nirvana you can meet yourselves through encounters with others.






Bettina, Corfu Retreat 2023



The Flow of Love 2023 I joined with Lluvia and Nirvan was overall a perfect mixture of retreat programm with a lovely group of people and holiday feelings. We started our days with some optional yoga practice before breakfast and had one session together as group after breakfast and one after dinner.


The chakra dance sessions we had with Lluvia invited us to focus on one chakra at a time and opened up to intensively feel into the topics of it. I never did chakra dance before and I was super surpirsed how emotional and deep these sessions had been. We captured our experiences in individual mandala paintings and created so as well our own personal souveniers. In the tantra practices we had with Nirvan we experienced breath and body work, encounter exercices and of course massage practice.


The combination of chakra dance and tantra practice was very well selected and harmonised to each other so that the retreat allowed me to look into my personal processes and development topics as well as to relax and fully enjoy this week! Strongly recommended! 







Constanze, Corfu Retreat 2018 & 2023



This retreat is special. You are not only on a journey to yourself. You get a chance to heal yourself. I did this course twice in 2018 and 2023. First time a lot of healing happend. I ended up to be more in my body than in my mind. The second time I could release a lot of stress from work as well as anger buried for very long time deep in my body. Everything helped: the massages, breathing techniques, the music and the dance. For me the dances were working best.


Nirvan and Lluvia are a very good team. During the course they complement one another. They take care on the group as well as on individuals. If you do not feel well after one session they are there for you to listen to you and to comfort you.


Arillas is not that overcroweded than other places on Korfu. It is a nice place with beautiful views down to the ocean. There are some small quiet beaches which can be reached only during tide or by climbing down small pathways.


The accomomdation is simple and clean. The club has a huge terrain with different parts to sit and relax or to chat with other people. Breakfast and Dinner are delicious with a huge variety. The owners help you to rent cars or motorbikes to discover the island. Last time I arrived late at night and I still got some dinner before I was shown to my room.