I believe in Humanity and Union…  

Harmony & Rhythm… The Path in Gratitude.


Since a child I felt I came here to feel good and be « happy » so this is my Path in this life, always travelling and meeting different cultures, learning and sharing corporal and spiritual techniques to reconnect with our true essence and heal our wounds, 30 years teaching Spanish, 25 years learning and sharing Hatha & Kundalini Yoga , Chakradance facilitator, Therapeutical Masseuse various techniques, Sound Therapist & Energetic Healer, Coach  in energetic-medicinal cooking. 

I have created and I share all over the planet several workshops including "Flow Journey through the Chakras" (Kundalini yoga-meditation-chakradance-sounds, sensory techniques and self-massage for chakra balance), "Kundalini Yoga and self-massage for internal organs » & Energetic-medicinal cooking workshops.  Vocal & Body Impro Lab


You can learn more about me and my workshops in

my webpagewww.Alkymias.com

my youtube channel: https://youtube.com/@AlkymiaS?si=zqZzF6PObu4fyksK




The connection between sexual energy and personal / spiritual development has always been my greatest fascination.


Whilst on an extended journey of discovery through India, I came across many spiritual teachings. My stay at the Osho Ashram in Poona was an important landmark in my life. During this time, I was faced with questions about myself that would have a lasting impact on my life. My spiritual name "Nirvan" also came to me during this time. Shortly after being back in Germany, I joined my teacher, Dieter Jarzombek.

For almost 20 years now I have devoted myself to the ways of spirituality and humanistic psychology. In my first Tantric seminars I finally felt at home, like a "fish in water". The connection between sexual energy and personal / spiritual development has always been my greatest fascination. I realized that our bodies are an expression of sexual energy.

Personal development, further education and instruction by teachers and coaches at various institutes underpin my work. Since 2008, I have facilitated seminars and given individual sessions that focus on meditation, breath work, body work (massages) in the context of love, sexuality and partnership. I strive for a tolerant and non-denominational view of life and of all beings.


More about my Tantric Work (in German) and other workshops can be found on my webpage at www.shakti-sangha.de


or about my therapeutic work at www.andre-sadjadian.de